Mayor Ngong Innocent

Mayor Ngong Innocent, a panelist on CRTV’s debate show Press Hour. The population of Belo community located in Boyo Division of the North West region of Cameroon is reaping bountifully harvest from Council-Community collaboration.
On state media as a panelist on CRTV’s debate show Press Hour, Mayor Ngong Innocent of Belo Council, emphasized the people of this community’s exceptional collaboration with the Belo council, is fast-tracking development and the process of decentralisation in the area, which is evidently fruitful. With much focus on decentralisation and how palpable?, Mayor Ngong Innocent stated the people of Belo are enjoying the fruits of decentralisation, counting eight bridges constructed with about 60 million FCFA from a 100 million FCFA financial support from MINDEVVEL, a yearly cash transfer since 2019 which helps council run their communities.