Delimitation of the Urban Space

The services at the council area are mainly those that have been devolved following the decentralisation process. Apart from the Council, Treasury, Medicalised health center and the women empowerment center representing the ministry of women empowerment, all the services are on rented premises. There are other services implanted within the council area. These services are mainly financial institutions- credit unions and money transfer services. The table below gives a summary of the reference situation of the services in Belo council area.

The urban space identified, stretches from the town hall about half a kilometer into Kitchu, down to Belo three corners and about a km into Belo village and from Belo three corners through Achah, Fuli, Ashing and to Sho and  from Belo three corners to Njinikejem, Baingo and Mbingo 1.  Actually, the urban space has the shape of a star with linear settlements along the road to Kitchu, to Belo, to Acha, Fuli, Ashing and Jinkfuin and Sho, from Belo three corners to Njinikejem, Baingo and Mbingo 1. These neighbourhoods overlap into the Belo urban space. The identified Belo urban space has an estimated population of 32,427 persons (Monographic Studies of 2004 and considering an annual population growth rate of 2.8%). The urban space has a population density of about180 persons per km2

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