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Belo Council promoting culture, sports and youths community participation .

The Belo Council during summer holidays has always taken all actions to make sure it’s youths remain focus and don’t get involved into harmful practices by organising holiday championships within the municipality to help the youths be usefully engage, scout talents and promote sports and culture. The crisis has made things extremely difficult for the […]


3.2 Biophysical milieu 3.2.1. Relief description The Belo council area is found in the mountainous stretch of the western highlands agro-ecological zone of Cameroon. About 80 % of the land within the municipality is situated above 1900 meters in altitude and the topography is characterized by mountains, escarpments, valleys and plateau. The slopes range from […]

Delimitation of the Urban Space

The services at the council area are mainly those that have been devolved following the decentralisation process. Apart from the Council, Treasury, Medicalised health center and the women empowerment center representing the ministry of women empowerment, all the services are on rented premises. There are other services implanted within the council area. These services are […]


EDUCATIONAL, SPORTS AND CULTURAL DEVELOPMENT Section unique EDUCATION, LITERACY EDUCATION AND VOCATIONAL TRAINING Article 20: The following powers shall be devolved upon councils: a) Education: – in keeping with the school map, setting up, managing, equipping, tending and maintaining council nursery and primary schools and pre-school establishments; – recruiting and managing back-up staff for the […]


HEALTH OF THE POPULATION AND SOCIAL ACTION Article 19: The following powers shall be devolved upon councils: a) Health and population: – civil status registration; – setting up equipping managing and maintaining council health centres in keeping with the health map; 7 – assisting health and social centres; ensuring sanitary inspection 1n establishments that manufacture, […]


MANAGEMENT AND USE OF PRIVATE PROPERTY OF THE STATE, PUBLIC PROPERTY AND NATIONAL LAND PRIVATE STATE LAND Article 9: (1) The State may transfer to councils all or part of its movable or immovable private property, or enter into agreement with the said councils on the use of such property. (2) The transfer by the […]

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